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Re: Sexism vs. Truth

Aug 17, 1997 01:49 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Tom Robertson wrote:
> >Specifically, you were saying that
> >women were generally more submissive than men, and therefore women
> >should not be in positions of political authority. And that is judging
> >individuals by generalities, and at that a generality which is not even
> >well-demonstrated.
> How is that advocating the judging of individuals by generalities?  If
> women are _generally_ (assuming I really have to use such a redundant
> word to make myself clear, for which I do not take responsibility)
> more submissive than men are (as I believe they are), then _generally_
> they should not be in positions of political authority.  How does that
> not leave room for exceptions?  

	Once again, regardless of your intent, your messages sounded as if you
were advocating ABSOLUTELY women should not be in positions of political
authority. And, once again, that may very well not be what you meant,
and, according to you, it is definitely not what you meant. I personally
think that it was a matter of lack of clarity in language.

	Bart Lidofsky

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