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Ancient Wisdom Revived

Aug 16, 1997 04:43 PM
by Vincent Beall

Has anyone read this history of the Theosophical movement written by
Bruce Campbell? It has some very interesting historical notes. I bought
it at the Baltimore lodge bookstore. Campbell is not a member of any
theosophical organization and seems to have written the book
objectively. Today in Hollywood they say that no publicity is worse than
bad publicity, and after reading Campbell's book it seems that they
could have learned that from the life of HPB.

BTW, I really don't understand why so many are so 'nervous' about
discussions on this list. It seems that most of the posts of late are
about everybodies rights to their oppinions and what the Wheaton people
may or may not think. At the Baltimore TS lodge lectures were open to
any topic, and the consensus was such that the members would welcome
ideas on the revision of theosophy even expressing interest in new
theosophical groups, thinking that spin-offs from the TS were a strength
of the movement as a whole.

Let's face it, theosophists of any kind are rare birds, and brothehood
is not an elective it is imperative.




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