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Re: Wiccans and Satanists--to Keith

Aug 09, 1997 02:48 PM
by Bart Lidofsky wrote:
> Well, I know Wiccans and I know Satanists and I prefer the Satanists any day.
> Satanists know how to party while Wiccans make me want go out and help little
> old ladies half-way across the street and let the speeding truck do the rest.

	There is good and bad among all people, even Theosophists.

	At one point, when preparing for a lecture on hypnotism, I researched
everything Blavatsky said about Satan and Satanism (it was difficult,
since Blavatsky uses two aspects of Satan, one being the Promethean
aspect of the god who gives a forbidden gift to Humanity at great
self-sacrifice). Her definition of Satanism, from my readings, appears
to be one who rejects the spiritual aspect of reality in favor of the
material aspect. The "Black Brotherhood", on the other hand, are those
who reject the higher aspect of humanity in favor of the ego. 

	The major Satanic groups (e.g. Anton LaVey's and Michael Aquino's, the
latter of whom is a pretty nice guy on a personal basis) follow the
Blavatskian definition of Satanism, treating it as a good and proper
thing. When I was collecting golden rules, Michael told me the closest
thing to a Satanic Golden Rule is, "Do good and evil to people as they

	Bart Lidofsky

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