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How Businesses Deal Maillist

Aug 11, 1997 12:04 PM
by ramadoss


One of the issues that has been discussed is the issue of *moderated* and
*unmoderated* maillists.

Businesses have setup unmoderated maillists to let their customers discuss
anything they want to. I saw a msg from one of them which I thought was very
interesting and progressive. I am posting it for general info.  Mind you
Pentax Corporation owns the list and has let the maillist run on its own
without any interference at all. May be other organizations may learn from
the experience of Pentax and other businesses.



>Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 10:37:01 -0700
>From: Rob Kurtz <>
>Subject: A Message From PENTAX Marketing

Dear Pentax-Discuss Group:

Pentax is making this rare appearance to let you know that we do check in from
time to time and monitor the Pentax-Discuss Group...most recently the string
of messages regarding "Pentax and this list."

When we created the Pentax-Discuss Group it was decided that an unmoderated
group would be the best way to go.  And, we wish it to remain just that...a
place for Pentax users and enthusiasts to freely share their experiences and
discuss all aspects of Pentax as well as the photographic industry (both good
and bad) without interference.  

In addition, the free flow of information being directed by you, the group
users, gives Pentax the opportunity to quietly sit by and listen to what you
have to say without intruding and biasing opinions.  We should mention though,
any information gleaned from our observations is, of course, shared with the
appropriate departments/individuals in the company.

There is also a legal aspect that colored our decision.  At the bottom of each
message, there is a notation that states that this "is an unmoderated mailing
list and the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of Pentax
Corporation".  In effect, Pentax cannot be held legally liable  for any
comments made.

We realize that from time to time you may have questions that require a
response from Pentax.   Please send these inquiries to 
We will respond to your inquiries promptly.

We would like to also say how pleased we are to see the Pentax-Discuss Group
flourish and grow.  It's wonderful to see how committed to Pentax many of you
are and the extent of your knowledge.  Thank you for your continued support
and enthusiasm.


PENTAX Corporation
You received this message because you have subscribed to the
PENTAX discussion mailing list.  Please note that this is an
unmoderated mailing list and the opinions expressed herein are
not necessarily those of Pentax Corporation.
You may remove yourself from this list at any time by following the
instructions or filling out the interactive form on the mailing list
web page:

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