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Re: Doggie and Scoobie Doo

Aug 01, 1997 11:52 AM
by kymsmith

Keith wrote:

>In my opinion, a nucleus is a nucleus and not a conglomeration 
>of molecules, or in other words, the mass of humanity have no interest in 
>speeding the evolution of themselves, the planet or humanity.  The mass is by 
>definition amorphous, moody, prone to control and impulsive action.

Have to disagree.  The "mass" which includes you, me, and everyone else here
are searching intensely for Truth, Love, and Compassion.  There are many
unknown and unsung heroes out there who are helping others along the Path
every day.  

The drug addict, the murderer, the stock broker, the salesclerk are all
seeking meaning and spirituality.  They have "interest," but, perhaps,
little guidance and encouragement.

I think we need, as Theosophists, to think more highly of humanity before we
can ever think of aiding "them." 

>Individuals alone can speed or hinder, only the evolution of oneself.

Yes, but we are all on the same journey, and we each can help and contribute
to each other - thereby hastening evolution.

>The catalyst is gone.

That's not true - we are all "the catalyst."  There is no such thing as only

>Kym, I may be self-righteous about all this, but if I feel passionately about 
>anything, it is not about  the heroes of the past -  but of the future.

Perhaps, instead, we should concentrate on the present.


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