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Doggie and Scoobie Doo

Aug 01, 1997 11:15 AM

Whoever is spreading this kind misinformation may be giving a lot of free
publicity to theos-xxxx. Who knows some of the residents at Olcott may be
reading these msgs with great interest -- there have been a alot of
information out here that is unavailable from any other source -- and may
not want anyone else to know that they are reading them.

No matter what, theos-l is not going to go away.


Keith:  What I like is the fast give and take of the unmoderated discussion.  
Someone may say something about an author or web site which will send me off 
to a new resource.  I am afraid I like controversey a little too much for some 
lists taste.

Which brings up the Kabala or cabala.  There are  lot of people making new and 
interesting discoveries (at least to me) concerning the origin of the sacred 
alphabets:   Hebrew, Greek, Sanskrit and others.
Stan Tenen of the Meru Foundation believes that the Hebrew letters are shadows 
of "The flame in the tent" the outline of a torus in a dodecahedron ( and much 
complicated mathematics).

His ideas suggest that the bible (Torah, at least) is encoded with very 
theosophical like ideas if you read or decode the scriptures with his method.

Project Mind also is trying to use cabalism and other Jewish mysticism to 
accelerate learning and invention - a strange kind of mixing of technology and 

There are other figures like David Winter who seems to have a very mixed 
audience of admirers and detractors.  Is anyone familiar with work on sacred 
geometry etc.

Alan, cabalism, may be as common as astrology soon, a household word!
Not!  Theosophy, despite all attempts to popularize it, will never regain the 
public mind.   In my opinion, a nucleus is a nucleus and not a conglomeration 
of molecules, or in other words, the mass of humanity have no interest in 
speeding the evolution of themselves, the planet or humanity.  The mass is by 
definition amorphous, moody, prone to control and impulsive action.  

Individuals alone can speed or hinder, only the evolution of oneself.  But 
like a catalyst, orginazations and movements may crystalize around such 
individuals as HPB  and those after.  

The catalyst is gone. And all we have left is the shed skin. Incomplete 
alchemical recipes.  Others are moving on with her work of keeping the wisdom 
tradition alive and CHANGING enough to meet the needs of the time (even though 
it is by definition universal and timeless).

Kym, I may be self-righteous about all this, but if I feel passionately about 
anything, it is not about  the heroes of the past -  but of the future.

Keith Price

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