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Why was CWL "compelled"?

Aug 14, 1997 02:14 PM

Second of all, I am one of those strange people who believe that human
beings have the capability of NOT acting on their desires. Just because
someone may be a pedophile does not mean that they will molest children;
merely that they have a desire to do so. Actions based on desire are
based on a number of factors: Self control, morality of the action,
social acceptability of the action, legality of the action, and the
possibility of keeping the action private. I believe that, in terms of
what we now know to be child molestation, those factors, except for the
matter of self-control, were different for a man in the early 20th
century than they are today. I was hoping that, even if he were guilty
then, even if he was a pedophile, Leadbeater would have a better
understanding of the harm that sex can do to children, or at least a
greater fear of the consequences such actions would bring, to keep his
desires under control. 

	Bart Lidofsky

Keith:  He should have KNOWN better and no doubt he did.  But when did that 
stop anyone.  Self-knowledge only make the crimal part in us (the Shadow) more 
careful, wiser.

To risk an amateur psycho-analysis, I would suggest a "new" idea that this 
sexuality was brought about by trying to be TOO spiritual.  Jung goes to great 
lengths and depth to point out that St. John's Revelation is such a gross, 
primal, gooey, semi-pornographic (whore of Babylon, porn means whore 
remember), fantasy is that he tried for years to be a goody-goody and wound up 
on Patmos without much to show for it.

I think CWL's pretentions to see auras and spot Master in the rough at the 
seaside, all built up in his unconscious causing this need to get "in touch" 
with what he might see as true innocence, unstained humanity blooming as a 
sexual flower to be plucked and appreciated.

Nabokov's LOLITA has many such elements of the failed intellectual persuing 
the empty-headed, but "precious" Lolita because she was so perfectly what he 

I am not saying this it THE interpretation, but might be added to the many 


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