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Demiurgos is Satan - Prince of the Air and Shadows??

Aug 14, 1997 01:54 PM

> If God, is omniscent and omnipotent, why doesn't he just 
>stop all this evil rebellion mess and reinstate paradise.

'Cause he ain't either of the above.  He's just a minor demiurge who visited
the Middle East and stayed out in the sun too long.

Chuck the Heretic

Keith:  Yes, according to the gnostics and a lot of modern feminist 
revisionists (strange bed fellows, wouldn't you say), God is a inept ( not 
Adept) tool of the Great Sophia.  He screwed it up royally and we are left in 
the shards of the destruction of perfect LIGHT/WISDOM with the cold comfort 
that we at least have the KNOWLEDGE (gnosis) or the FAITH (in a Savior) that 
will get us out at the minutes after death.

Sophia herself is but the lover of something greater the Ain Soph - the BIG 
NOTHING, but she loves us, too, her lost children.

HPB explains and Bart pointed out that Satan can be seen as:

1. a Promethean rebel who brought the light of mind to the animal-man of the 
third root race.
2.  The Dark Face of the Double Janus-faced Creater God.

In other systems, he seems to be a kind of amoral lust, greedy, dirty old man 
with tail and horns:

3. Prince of the Air - some say he commands the aliens in the UFOs

There maybe some doubt if we are created in the image of G-d, but G-d is 
definetly created in our image by our specualtions, fantasy, art, and 
philosophy.  Until the sixth root race, we will pretty well be a mixture of 
angel and doogie doo.  And Satan will be there called or uncalled.


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