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Aug 22, 1997 06:54 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>>Jerry Schueler wrote:
>> If you like cats, check out my cattery page on
>> where Shellay is the name of our cattery. Its got some nice pictures
>> of Norwegian Forest Cats.
>	My wife and I are both cat-lovers, and are familiar with Norwegian
>Forest Cats. We once were considering getting one, but the skin problems
>turned us off; have those been fixed?
>	Bart Lidofsky

I am not sure what "skin problems" you refer to??
The Norwegian Forest Cat (NFC) is a northern cat and
unlike any other domestic cat.  It is the smartest. It is
genetically social (thus is like a dog in cats clothing--can
be trained, etc). Its hair is like fur and is hypoallergenic 
(spelling??) -- we sell to a lot of folks who are allergic
to cats. My wife, Betty, has asthma, and the NFC is the
only cat she can tolerate (which is a good thing since we
have the biggest NFC cattery in the US, as far as I know).

Jerry S.

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