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Re: Doggie Diarreha

Aug 10, 1997 06:17 AM
by A. Safron

> From: Bart Lidofsky <>
> Subject: Re: Doggie Diarreha
> Date: Saturday, August 09, 1997 11:10 PM
> A. Safron wrote:
> > Personaly, if anyone ever approached me again and tries to censure me (First Amendment
> > because of some kind of TS hush-hush, I am going to tell them to give me back my $30 odd
> > dollars k and I will give them my membership back.
> 	John Algeo has personally assured me that, regardless of any
> limitations of my use of the New York Theosophical Society Internet
> account, he cannot and will not even suggest that I limit anything I do
> with my own account. 
It is good to know that those at the top have more sense than those at the bottom.
My personal convervsation with an Olcott individual stated that I should limit what I say
about TS
and in no in certain terms.  Perhaps this person is stating their own
personal opinion rather than the opinion of the administrative.  Thanks
for clearing it up.

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