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Re: Just a little more astrolocy

Aug 05, 1997 08:27 AM
by techndex

At 04:57 PM 8/4/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I this is not astro-l,but I think that HPB considered astrology to be part
>the ancient wisdom for sure.

Hi Keith,

I think it's appropriate to discuss astrology here for that very reason, as
long as we don't consume the list with it. (Astrologers seem to tend to be
very gabby. The astrology lists and newsgroups can easily overwhelm one
with the volume of posts. ;-D)

>Astrology is again one of those fractal systems 
>that constantly grows through time and manifests cycles within cycles.

That is exactly what I was trying to say. But my mind was racing so fast
(mania) that all I could do was type out partial snippets of it. Thanks for
expanding it into coherency. :-)
>Lynn writes:
>Plutonian contacts with the angles of a chart are truly upheaving,
>transformational experiences, IMHO, and I'm working to discern the inner
>meaning of all of this, beyond the obvious lifestyle changes that anyone
>who has a heart attack has to undergo. Life being full of surprises, I'm
>sure that the deeper transformative effects will be probably quite
>different than I could ever dream of. (Fortunately, whenever it hits that
>sensitive point in my chart in its oscillations over my Descendant, it's
>also trining my natal Mercury which happens to be conjunct my natal Pluto,
>triggering that aspect as well.) ;-D
>I have Pluto conjunct my natal Mercury and both are conjuct the MC and the 
>south node.  I wonder how pluto conjunct Mercury has worked for you.  For me 
>it gives me a great understanding of other dimensions including the 
>"underworld" of the unconscious and the psychological means to deal with the 
>past.  On the negative side, it tends to instill my communications with a 
>certain rawness and darkness.

Fascinating how your Mercury/Pluto conjunction is conjunct your MC. Mine is
conjunct the IC, putting it at the very "root" of my personal mandala so to
speak. (And Mercury, ruler of my chart, is conjunct the Sun, the ultimate
dispositor in Leo.) Yes, my Mercury/Pluto conjunction works out verrrrry
similar to yours. With Pluto adding will-energy to the mental energy of
Mercury, it takes the mind into hyperfocus enabling it to penetrate into
the "underworld". In both the mundane and the spiritual, it gives an
obsession (Pluto) with getting to the bottom of things--anything. It's
quite similar to the Scorpionic mind, but without the emotional cast. It's
very useful, IMHO, in meditation, not the transcendental type, but the Raja
Yoga type where the mind concentrates on one thought. (In fact, I almost
accidently killed myself once while meditating, messing around with energy
in a way that I shouldn't have been. My yoga teacher had a fit when I told
him. Definitely, a Mercury-Pluto kind of thing. Just a warning of what your
Plutonian mind can do.) And in its lower manifestation, I can be downright
raw, gross, morbid, obsessed with death, extremist (my mother's favorite
characterization of me), etc. ;-D

>Also as transits my first house, I am forced to give up first one thing and 
>then another.  I even had a major accident when it transiting Pluto
>my natal Mars.

You are going through a major, agonizing transformative process!!! That's
an extremely difficult transit, one that the vast majority of folks aren't
forced to undergo. And I thought its excursion through my 7th house is bad
enough. {{{Keith}}} Hmmm. Our charts must be mirror images, at least with
respect to the angles. I'm not at all surprised about your accident when
Pluto conjuncted your natal Mars. (Was there a bit of recklessness or
willfulness there contributing to the accident? I'm asking purely out of
scientific curiosity.) BTW, with your strong interest in astrology, I would
suspect that you have a prominent Uranus. It's my rising planet and rules
my MC.
>Ah, well, we could go on and on with the symbol system, but it DOES work 
>doesn't it?

Indeed! I tell skeptics that I don't know how it works, but empirically it
does. :-)


Lynn Moncrief
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