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Just a little more astrolocy

Aug 04, 1997 01:51 PM

I this is not astro-l,but I think that HPB considered astrology to be part of 
the ancient wisdom for sure.  Astrology is again one of those fractal systems 
that constantly grows through time and manifests cycles within cycles.

Lynn writes:
Plutonian contacts with the angles of a chart are truly upheaving,
transformational experiences, IMHO, and I'm working to discern the inner
meaning of all of this, beyond the obvious lifestyle changes that anyone
who has a heart attack has to undergo. Life being full of surprises, I'm
sure that the deeper transformative effects will be probably quite
different than I could ever dream of. (Fortunately, whenever it hits that
sensitive point in my chart in its oscillations over my Descendant, it's
also trining my natal Mercury which happens to be conjunct my natal Pluto,
triggering that aspect as well.) ;-D


I have Pluto conjunct my natal Mercury and both are conjuct the MC and the 
south node.  I wonder how pluto conjunct Mercury has worked for you.  For me 
it gives me a great understanding of other dimensions including the 
"underworld" of the unconscious and the psychological means to deal with the 
past.  On the negative side, it tends to instill my communications with a 
certain rawness and darkness.

Also as transits my first house, I am forced to give up first one thing and 
then another.  I even had a major accident when it transiting Pluto conjuncted 
my natal Mars. 

Ah, well, we could go on and on with the symbol system, but it DOES work 
doesn't it?


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