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Re: Judging

Aug 28, 1997 05:50 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>I don't understand the problem with the making of comparisons.  All
>decisions are based on the evaluation of alternatives.  It is
>impossible to disapprove of the making of comparisons without making
>one.  Or are you saying that the potential of all human beings is

Making comparisons is fine, up to a point, and yes of course we all
make them and will continue to do so. An Adept (a person while in a
high altered state of consciousness) does not make comparisons
or judgments. There are no judgements or choices to make in samadhi.
Judging or comparing is ok as long as we are aware of what we are 
doing, but then again, only up to a point. That point is where judging
becomes a bias or prejudice.

>Behavior must be judged, in order to choose the better over the worse.
>When Jesus said not to judge, he was disapproving of the holding of
>grudges, not of the evaluation of behavior, which he did often,
>according to the Bible.

If we are honestly compassionate and caring people,
then our behaviors will take care of themselves without need for
judging them good or bad. Whenever you chose the "better" over
the "worse" you are making value judgments, and these all tend
to be cultural and temporary. Jesus said that he who is without
sin among you let him cast the first stone--don't be a pot calling
the kettle black. In other words, before you judge others, first
be able to judge yourself, and very very few of us can do this.
The fact of the matter is, when we finally learn to see ourselves
as we really are, we will stop judging others. 

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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