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Re: About Hollywood and Blavatsky

Aug 25, 1997 10:51 AM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 97-08-24 21:50:38 EDT, you write:

>> Sounds like perfect casting to me.  But where are they going to find a
>> fat--er--big enough to play HPB?
>Well, that's true.  Maybe they'd have to chub her up a bit or except a
>thinner HPB, but how about Rosie O'Donnell?
>A. Safron

Only if they hook her up to an air compressor and add lots of padding.  But
then comes the problem of what part of HPB's life would they film.  Perhaps
the famous gathering at the Eddy farm, where Abner Doubleday is teaching
baseball to HPB and the Colonel as a seance is going on in the farmhouse.  As
one of the mediums (after 500 choruses of "In the Sweet, Bye and Bye") asks
the spirits for a sign, HPB hits a home run and the baseball comes crashing
through the window, disembraining the medium and scaring poor KH half to
death while Thomas Edison proceeds to electrocute half the attendees.

If anyone wonders what a film about the early TS would be like, let them
watch Welcome to Wellville.

Chuck the Heretic

Chuck the Heretic

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