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Re: THEOS-L digest 1207

Aug 25, 1997 06:55 AM
by Gary Somai

>Date: Sat, 23 Aug 1997 02:10:47 -0400
>From: Vincent Beall <>
>Subject: Re: Who is the Beast? Who is the AC?
>Message-ID: <>

>> Subject:  (just a thought)
>> Outwardly there are many antichrists, whereas inwardly there is only one
>> beast on which an AC can ride, and this is not about the humble ass that
>> Jesus rode on, but the fiery dragon that the AC rides on.
>> Do not make judgements of others, even if they should judge you, for it is
>> this comparitive understanding that serves the nature of the beast. Our
>> measurable knowledge is symbolic of Adam and Eve eating the fruit from the
>> Tree of Knowledge, which has bound them or clothed them with a finite
>> existence, (i.e. to measure, calculate & fix comparitive material conditions
>> in order to finitely understand the world and universe around them and judge
>> accordingly).
>Judgement and understanding are not the same. I can understand when I or
>anyone else has transgressed, but that does not mean that I am "judging"
>right or wrong it simply means that I understand the difference. Whether
>we like it of not we are stuck with our faculty of understanding, the
>real need is for wisdom; the understanding of ultimate meaning. When
>Jesus said judge not lest you yourself be judged, the meaning was that
>we should not condemn others for their transgressions because having the
>power of true justice is a divine attribute and not a human one.

Surely understanding comes from judgement. Is this not that relative concept
of logic we use to distinguish between the quality of A versus B? 

As far as judging "right" versus "wrong", i am led to conclude that this is
the only way mankind, or an individual, can understand the things physically
in the universe, in order to progress physically. Whereas toward the
spiritual, this physical concept simply makes for it to become fuzzy. Yes
there is the morality of right and wrong in the physical universe, but there
is also the innocence and purity of the spiritual, which needs no judgement
from earth, because it can only be Truth.

>> Open your spiritual eyes and the fear will be taken from you. The finite
>> boundary of your external senses is the unavoidable consequence of light and
>> matter (Lucifer) falling away from the incorporeal truth into the bottomless
>> pit, (space), from the dawn of time, and this will continue so into
>> eternity, until mankind finally conquers relative concepts and eats the
>> fruit from the Tree of Life. Every person has the potential of using his/her
>> free will, to discover and receive wisdom (the infinite, immeasurable and
>> unconditional Truth, or divine knowledge), as against the pain that the
>> bound-up and seperated ego inflicts onto itself.
>I hope you are not imping that Lucifer is just a metaphor. He is an
>angel of light, and I have seen this beautiful creature. When I was a
>child some of my playmates were arguing about the bottomless pit, and on
>that occasion I asked G-d if there was such a thing. He answered me
>cryptically saying that "It will become known as the black hole". So for
>me black holes are bottomless pits. He gave me this answer during the
>fifties when black holes were not common knowledge.

Could not the origins of the physical universe come from a possible giant
black/white hole, from which all material things came into being? The other
black holes are then perhaps entrances for future mankind to conquer
relative finite understanding, (i.e. time, distance, speed and direction no
longer a conscious reality). What we might physically experience here, is
the spiritual perception of an eternal Now, where there is no more the pain
of memory, but instead the realization and relief that we are etenally one
with each other. 

The questions we may need to ask ourselves are:

1) What is the opposite of a black hole? 
2) Is spiritual light and physical light the same or the opposite of one
3) What does the image of God mean? Is it his physical likeness or mirror
4) Does God exist in the flesh, or in the spirit?
5) How do Physical and Spiritual realities compare?
6) From where did the physical universe originally come from?

>> If you want to defeat the beast within yourself, then you must fight the
>> beast with the sword of Truth. Do not fight from bottom to top, and left to
>> right, for this is man's devouring attempt to grasp the Truth, using finite
>> knowledge. First you must find a way to open the door to Truth, then make
>> the ultimate sacrifice, (not bodily sacrifices, for that is the worst type
>> of measurable evil taught by the word of Satan). Hope is a star which shall
>> lead you to wisdom, so that you then have the means to fight the beast from
>> the Top to the bottom, and from right to left, for this is where you shall
>> receive divine revelation.
>All truths that we can communicate are finite. We can actually utter
>things which are absolutely true, but most such things are ulimately
>simple and have very little application. The common delusion is that if
>we are told the absolute truth we suddenly become absolutely wise; this
>is pure nonsense. Ultimate wisdom again must be a divine attribute; what
>else could it be? Each one of us is like a flute player in the great
>symphony working hard to get his part right.

I have nothing to add to your above statement, except to suggest that there
is no absolute Truth that can be communicated in a finite universe, although
the most simple solutions are as close to the Truth as we will ever get.  

>We should aspire to experience the higher reality, to have visions of
>the future and to see the nature of things, but our limited abilities
>are really a true part of the soul, without our limits we would no
>longer be ourselves and our personal histories would be meaningless. 
>Enjoy the music....
Unconditional Love has no comparisons, (i.e. no pre-set conditions). History
is the past, the future is yet to come, the present is now and how we feel
inside at any given moment, without comparing it to relative concepts. To do
so, can make us feel bitter, hatefull, or depending on what it is, powerfull
and famous. 

Thank you Vincent for sharing your thoughts.

Gary S.

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