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Re: THEOS-L digest 1207

Aug 25, 1997 02:50 PM
by Vincent Beall

Gary Somai wrote:

> >All truths that we can communicate are finite. We can actually utter
> >things which are absolutely true, but most such things are ulimately
> >simple and have very little application. The common delusion is that if
> >we are told the absolute truth we suddenly become absolutely wise; this
> >is pure nonsense. Ultimate wisdom again must be a divine attribute; what
> >else could it be? Each one of us is like a flute player in the great
> >symphony working hard to get his part right.
> I have nothing to add to your above statement, except to suggest that there
> is no absolute Truth that can be communicated in a finite universe, although
> the most simple solutions are as close to the Truth as we will ever get.
Here you are caught in a paradox; by your reasoning your statement is
not absolutely true, so under some circumstances absolute truth is
communicated in a finite universe. My take on truth is that its like the
write verify function used in creating floppies. If the informational
objects that are intended are actually transfered then you have verity;
correspondence or Truth. The magnitude of intellegence is at a different
level. We could send a literal description of an automobile, photographs
or working plans etc., and all of them might be regarded as true
depictions of the original, but then we could just send the automobile
itself in order to communicate the truth about this hypothetical car.
There is a great posibility that the car is a lemon in this finite
universe, but the car as it represents itself is absolutely and truly

Absolute truth can be about finite things. The last word in this
sentence is sentence. That is absolutely true, but doesn't mean much.

So it goes; first your money then your clothes....




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