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Re: Blatant Sexism!

Aug 19, 1997 08:15 PM
by Tom Robertson

Eldon wrote:

>You have to be careful when you're being funny on this list.
>I can tell from reading this that you're writing in jest, but
>without an explicit "<grin>" at the end there's a change that
>some readers will misinterpret your posting, start seeing red,
>and blast you with their righteous wrath. 

A) Making humor too explicit destroys too much of my enjoyment of it,
and B) for the sake of giving the fight against sexism more
credibility, I am heroically willing to have righteous wrath directed
at me, sacrificing myself for the good of humanity. 

>Those that dare question the Faith are subject to being
>condemned as evil, shouted down at lectures, to lose their
>jobs, and denied future employment in the name of equal
>employment and fairness to all.
>obligatory <grin>


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