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Re: Blatant Sexism!

Aug 19, 1997 06:05 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Tom Robertson wrote:
> "I think the serve has never been given the focus in women's tennis.
> Partly this is because the women are shorter and not as strong."
> I bet he even believes that women are slower and less durable, also.
> The sexist bastard!  I can guarantee him that the fastest, strongest,
> tallest women is far faster, stronger, and taller than the slowest,
> weakest, and shortest man.  Therefore, his statement has no validity
> whatsoever.

	There is a difference between readily measured differences that are
clearly biological, and difficult to measure differences which we have
no way currently of telling are biological or cultural.

	Also, note that it is not always those most qualified to govern who
become politicians, but it is usually those most qualified to play
tennis who become professional tennis players.

	Bart Lidofsky

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