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Re: Masoretes Re: Hebrew Texts

Aug 31, 1997 05:28 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <Pine.LNX.3.95.970830182621.5262A->, Jaqtarin Samantha Triele
<> writes
>One question, however.  Do you put a lot of faith in the Masoretic Text?

I don't put a lot of faith into *any* text.  The Masoretic was faithful
enough to the interpretation of the Jews *as they understood it* when
the pointing system was devised.  Scholars are aware however, that
pointed or not, much of the text derives from earlier, and in some
instances probably non-israelite sources

>Or have you learned enough to discard the point system?

I ignore it, but I do make use of the Interlinear Bible (4 vols, Baker)

>  Just curious.  As
>I said, I'm not so sure that the Masoretes scholars were perfect in their
>translations... hmmm. 

Hmmmm indeed :-)


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