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Inspirational Msgs

Aug 24, 1997 08:57 PM
by ramadoss

Here is something I received today. Seems to be a good idea to me.



>Date: Sun, 24 Aug 1997 19:28:51
>Subject: Announcing INSPIRE Maillist

Start your day with a breathe of fresh air!

Receive spiritual messages directly to your mailbox that will get you
thinking, keep your adrenaline flowing, and heighten your hunger for the

Delivered at least 5 times each week, INSPIRE is a blend of original and
ancient scriptural missives that are designed to keep your awareness on the
bigger picture and your eyes on the prize.

A sample post of the day might be:

	"The Universe had a beginning
	  Called the Mother of All Things
	  Once you have found the Mother
	  You can know her children."

				Lao Tzu

To subscribe, send a message to with body text
reading: subscribe INSPIRE.

Thank you.

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