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Re: Future of Theosophy

Aug 12, 1997 04:43 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, JOSEPH PRICE
<> writes
>Is there a nucleus of humanity guided today by the Masters, with the constant 
>spiritual disipline to continue the work into the future.

Put it this way:

There is a nucleus of Higher Intelligences (call them "masters" if you
will) who are eternally prepared to guide such members of humanity who
are able to approach them. The composition of this "group" varies, but
appears to be able to handle all spiritual and esoteric "traditions."

>  Is this the 
>Esoteric Society?

No. Though what do you mean by the Esoteric Society?

> Since theos-l is less than doo, somehow I don't think that 
>question will be answered directly.  Many ashrams and now mystical Judiasm and 
>Tantric retereats seem to be in favor.

Mystical Judaism has always been "in favor" and has the longest
available pedigree known in the West, though no doubt if we asked in the
right place we could get am impressive lineage from the East (though
Judaism comes from the East!).

Certainly there is a known line of teachers of the Sankhya philosophy
(or religious philosophy) but just how far back it goes is not clear
right now.  In the 60's, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi intitiation invoked
the individual names of a great many gurus of the Sankhya/Shankaracharya
line.  All of us who were part of it heard them - the names, that is.
Some of us were privileged to receive some of the Teaching from that
source, though its essence is not unique to any "line of succession" so
far as I have been able to tell.  The Kabalist (Judaic) version is more
or less identical; only the language is different.


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