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Re: Huh?

Aug 14, 1997 12:32 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 03:00 PM 8/14/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>I think that Theosophy  World is a *moderated* one and fits right into 
>>the current philosophy of TSA.
>It seems funny to speak of a magazine as "moderated". A better term
>is "edited". The editing is to insure some minimum of quality of
>materials, to add consistent formatting, to package the materials in
>about the same number of pages/month, and to include a cross-section
>of materials of interest. The selection of materials is subjective, as is
>true of any editing, but it's perfectly fine for a magazine to have a
>particular focus and personality.
>The associated discussion list is currently unmoderated (and has been
>since it started in June 1996). Hopefully moderation won't ever be
>necessary. The purpose of the list is more for study and sharing of
>information, and personal attacks and one-like small talk messages
>are discouraged.
>-- Eldon

Thanks for clarification.

So far what I have seen in theos world, I have been quite happy with it.
Still editing can in the wrong hands go out of control or be used for
political or other ends. It is just like editing a paper publication and may
be akin to *moderation*. May be we need to coin another word for cyberspace

Glad to know that the associated discussion list is currently unmoderated
and hope will continue to do so.

Some times when real life facts (sometimes unpalatable) are presented, it
may appear as a personal attack. 

The proof of the pudding is in eating and if a list serves the subscribers
and they benefit from it, then is should be ok so long as any of posts break
any laws of the country/countries.

Keep up the good work.

.............mkr .:.

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