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Hi to all (a big question)

Aug 21, 1997 12:31 PM
by Estrella

Hi gang, it's me again. a bit relief of some thesis work.
I remember the other day, i do not know if this has been discused here,
of a movie that i saw, "Howard's end" and i remember that the lady (i do
not remember the name now, but she has acted in quite a lot movies of
that time- the middle 19 century i guess.. well, in that movie, that
lady and the main actor (Antony Hopkins, that plays the villain in that
movie) dissert about Theosophy and madame Blavatsky.
Is it possible that are more Theosophist actors and actresses that we
know? and another question, Are really Theosophic actors/actresses?
(I guess so, but maybe some versed pepole here know more than i do.)
Alan? Doss?
P.S. (Waiting anxiously for the answer)

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