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Re: Practical Application of Karma!

Jul 31, 1997 03:11 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, writes
>Rich people can be nice?

Especially to other rich people.
>Having insurance makes people kinder and carefree?

Espially insurance salesman.
>God is blamed for everything?

Of course. God made everything (it is said).
>We are all brothers?

Except sisters and stone dykes.
>We have to (yuk!) HUG people to work off karma?

This is maya, or illusion.  As the Zen mistress said, "What is the sound
of one person hugging?
>That not all men, when hugged, think the other man is gay?

That's right. Gay men KNOW the other man is gay.
>I dunno the moral of this story. . .

Nor me.

Puzzled of Engand.

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