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Re: It has occurred to me . . .

Aug 15, 1997 05:29 PM
by Tom Robertson

A. Safron wrote:

>Think about it.  Why would someone diss this list?
>Because they are deadly afraid that someone is
>going to say the truth.

It couldn't possibly be due to the _way_ in which this "truth" is said
and to the too great proportion of meaningless material in it.

>Doss might print a historical paper that would
>reveal something.  KPJ might say something negative
>about the Masters.  Even Tom, might say that all
>women should kneel at his feet.  And Chuck, the babe,
>and me, A. Safron might talk about S&M.  Is this
>Theosophy?  Maybe not, but the only person whose 
>business  that is is John Meade.  

What people post is all readers' business.  Some people would prefer a
discussion list that is more predominantly Theosophy.  For that, TS-L
is more appropriate.  The material on Theos-L is often more
appropriate to a chat room.  There are hundreds of those where there
is complete freedom of speech.  Why not prefer them and not discuss
Theosophy at all?  Freedom must be limited by purpose, or it is

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