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Re: Doggie Diarreha

Aug 01, 1997 10:49 AM
by techndex

At 08:49 AM 8/1/97 -0400, A. Safron wrote:

>It all started when an individual connected with Olcott approached me and
reproached me
>for saying "things" I shouldn't be saying on Theos-L.  At that time, I had
logged-off Theos-l 
>to get some work done, so it was a moot point.  When I asked this
individual exactly what
>offending remark I made, all she did was stare at me, like I was supposed
to know.  When I
>asked her what line of communication she meant - theos-l, newsgroup, etc.
she just kept
>saying, "The Internet!  The Internet!"

>Huh?  I let the incident pass, but as time has gone
>on, I believe it is no one's business who says what on the Internet,
unless it is a lie or
>slander.  This is a free forum and I or anyone else is not obligated to
keep secrets, unless
>they personally choose to do so.
>Personaly, if anyone ever approached me again and tries to censure me
(First Amendment Right)
>because of some kind of TS hush-hush, I am going to tell them to give me
back my $30 odd
>dollars k and I will give them my membership back.
>A. Safron

Lynn Moncrief
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