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Re: Baltimore, Vince?

Aug 25, 1997 09:50 PM
by Vincent Beall

K. Paul Johnson wrote:
> One of my few unpleasant experiences in a TS meeting was in
> Baltimore with a guy named Vince.  Since our new addition Vince
> mentioned that lodge, I'll tell the story:
> I'd just spoken on some numerological theme; might have been
> Seven in Isma`ili Esotericism, but I can't remember.  What I do
> remember vividly is a guy named Vince who in a very querulous
> tone said "I'm sick and tired of people like you coming to the
> lodge and talking about things like this."  I'd have been a
> whole lot more horrified by this had I not seen two or three
> dozen faces showing not only that they were aghast but that
> this kind of thing had been said before more than once by this
> guy.
> Boris Orczula who was chairing the meeting handled it very
> smoothly and we moved right along.
> Tell me it wasn't you, Vince.

It was definitely not me, and when did you have this unfortuante
exchange? Boris has been lodge President more than once, and during the
few years that I had attended the lodge the meetings were quite


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