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Re: Baltimore, Vince?

Aug 26, 1997 07:07 AM
by ramadoss

K. Paul Johnson wrote:
> One of my few unpleasant experiences in a TS meeting was in
> Baltimore with a guy named Vince.  Since our new addition Vince
> mentioned that lodge, I'll tell the story:
> I'd just spoken on some numerological theme; might have been
> Seven in Isma`ili Esotericism, but I can't remember.  What I do
> remember vividly is a guy named Vince who in a very querulous
> tone said "I'm sick and tired of people like you coming to the
> lodge and talking about things like this."  I'd have been a
> whole lot more horrified by this had I not seen two or three
> dozen faces showing not only that they were aghast but that
> this kind of thing had been said before more than once by this
> guy.
> Boris Orczula who was chairing the meeting handled it very
> smoothly and we moved right along.
> Tell me it wasn't you, Vince.

I have been to several lodges for during a long period of time and in
none of them ever I have seen any one -- making any such comments to any
speaker. We all do have a lot of different opinions about a alot of
things, but being humane and considerate to all others is, I think makes
a lot of sense. This is just my personal opinion. There are those who
will disagree. So mote it be.



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