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Aug 26, 1997 10:56 AM
by Titus Roth

> All truths that we can communicate are finite. We can actually utter
> things which are absolutely true, but most such things are ulimately
> simple and have very little application. The common delusion is that if
> we are told the absolute truth we suddenly become absolutely wise; this
> is pure nonsense.

I haven't really followed this discussion closely, but will jump in here.  The
preceeding has been a little too profound for me. (In my time we didn't see
profoundities shamelessly uttered in public) ...

Great Teachers have a kind of "spirit" in Their words that gives them life.
Though a too literal interpretation may get stuck in consciousness, the
"spirit" stirs the unconscious. The seed thoughts within the unconscious
when acted on produce realization.

The exact same words of a sage could be repeated by someone without
realization and they would be stale because such persons lack the Esse within
the words.  Part of the Esse comes from your intent and also practising what
you preach.

When someone said they found Yogananda's book inspiring, he said, "It has
my vibrations in it."

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