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Re: Entering the Pit of Sickly Sweet Ethics, once again...

Aug 01, 1997 03:55 PM
by Vincent Beall

The true motivation of individuals is love which in occult literature is
many times referred to as desire. Desire has two roots; the love of
cosmos amd the love of divine being which is produced by cosmos. Cosmos
is the space within the heart which holds the supernatural self; the
cosmic child. Further, the heart and the child form the essence of
continuum; the heart is all about producing the cosmic child; the
sentience of cosmos within which is again the heart.

The only thing that we truly posess is our 'sense' of things. Our senses
and the memory of our senses is the self; we can not posess any thing

The soul also has more elemental parts: Mind, Sririt, Strength. The
parts of the soul fall into a beautiful natural order within the great
continuum. Ethics are simply rules of thumb for preserving the
'integrity' of the soul, enhancing beauty of being, and peaking the
pleasurable life experience. 

We can not escape two facts; we have only our sense, and we are
constructed of parts in which some order must be maintained; if not for
'higher' comfort, then simply to prevent death.

Survival of the finest, the product of wisdom; love.


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