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Re: Entering the Pit of Sickly Sweet Ethics, once again...

Aug 01, 1997 08:49 AM
by techndex

I've been following this thread with fascination. IMHO, ethics stem from
compassion and compassion stems from the quality of love. I don't mean this
at all in the astrally-based sickly-sweet sentiment that masquerades as
love or compassion. (The astrally-based sentiment has a strong component of
lower-self interest in it, including when based on the desire to further
ones own spiritual progress.) I'm referring to love as the esoteric or
occult principle of attractive force and the realization of the oneness of
all, upon which the concept of brotherhood is based. IMHO, by working to
express the Egoic quality of love from the causal or levels of the Higher
Self, compassion and ethics (right interaction with ones fellow humans)
will follow.


Lynn Moncrief
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