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Re: Going down

Aug 02, 1997 09:40 AM
by ramadoss

Here is an interesting msg on the Internet. The msg speaks for itself. If
the membership is going down the hill, it is no wonder. Talking only to
one's own  "sheep" is not likely to help the trend.



> I subscribed to the theosophy newsgroup a couple of weeks 
> ago and have been a  little disappointed. Most messages are 
> being sent to many different newsgroups which tells me the 
> senders are not focused on theosophy, but just want a wide 
> audience. I don't even read messages that are to multiple 
> newsgroups anymore.

 I do reply to some of the 'SPAM' but delete the 'other' 
Usenet.  I have been, sad to see that there are no folk 
from the theosophical society, posting on this Usenet.
But maybe A.B. was right - the door has closed.

In His Service

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