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The September THEOSOPHY WORLD is out

Aug 27, 1997 03:20 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

The September issue of THEOSOPHY WORLD just came out. It's contents 

"Introducing Studies in 'The Voice of the Silence'" by Dara Eklund
"Studies in 'The Voice of the Silence'" by B.P. Wadia
"Straight-Forward Speaking on Reexpressing Theosophy" by
    Dallas TenBroeck
"Online Theosophical Quotation Service" by Gail Stevenson
"Past and Future Do Not *Exist*" by Eldon Tucker
"The Circle With the Center Dot" by Mark Kusek
"Katherine Tingley as I Knew Her" by Boris de Zirkoff
"The Edmonton T.S." by Ernest & Rogelle Pelletier
"The Doctrine of Svabhava or Svabhavata and the Questions of
    Anatman and Shunyata", Part II, by David Reigle
"Open Letter to Associates and Friends" by the United Lodge
    of Theosophists

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