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Aug 20, 1997 03:44 AM
by ramadoss

Here is some useful info.


Warning For AOL Beta Testers

 The crew at America Online issued a warning recently, targeted at
 any AOL users working on software beta programs. Apparently,
 there is a chance that AOL beta testers could be the target of a
 few undesirables out there attempting to spread viruses through
 file attachments. If you are an AOL user working on one of their
 beta projects, please note that AOL does not email beta software
 or updates to members. Should you receive a suspicious email with
 file attachments, forward them to screen name TOSFiles. Anyone
 out there, AOL user or not, should be wary of executable file
 attachments to incoming email from an unconfirmed source. And, as
 always, remember ... do NOT give out your password to ANYONE via
 email. AOL, CompuServe, MSN or virtually any service provider out
 there for that matter, will NOT send an email message to a member
 asking for passwords or credit card numbers.

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