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Re: Bart and the Nazi's

Aug 16, 1997 07:47 AM
by A. Safron

> From: Ken Malkin <>
> Subject: Bart and the Nazi's
> Date: Friday, August 15, 1997 8:43 PM
> Howdy to all,
> I was taken with and almost taken in by Bart's 'Nazi' theme,
> >Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 21:01:11 -0400
> >From: Bart Lidofsky <>
> >Subject: Re: Huh?
> >Message-ID: <>
> >A. Safron wrote:
> > >       I may not have made it sufficiently clear that I was writing >>it FOR the
> > > TSA, as an official publication. I am certain even you would agree >>that
> >> an organization has the right to decide what does or does not go >>into
> > > their official publications.
> > I hate to say this, but I'm sure the official publications of Hitler and
> > the Third Reich could have made the same claim.
>         Are you equating the TSA with the Third Reich?
>         Bart Lidofsky
> Bart,
> Perhaps sans jack boots, brown shirts and a beard of a leader haranguing
> the masses into a hysteric orgasm, there are many similarities between
> the National Socialist seizure of power in Germany during the 20's and
> the current TSA officialdom's expunging of the democratic process in the
> past four years.
> First by separation of dissension (tell the big lie long enough, loud
> enough and often enough, that, it is 'Them or Us !'), then consolidate
> positions of power in the hands of a few people of like intent (change
> the rules for running for a National office), and finally, illegally
> manipulate and intentionally trash the democratic process governing the
> society. Other than the book and building pyrotechnics, do these actions
> sound familiar? There are instances, some related on this list, of books
> gone missing from the Wheaton library that run counter to the current
> TSA MANAGEMENT official thinking.
> Using the preceding venue, a small clique of the current TSA MANAGEMENT
> has taken control of the TSA. Do they espouse by their past actions the
> high standards of the three declared objects or of the "non dogmatic"
> approach to life? I for one see it not. Nor can it be found in the newly
> subscribed 'midnight' by-laws. 
> What can be observed is the profound gifts of insight, clarity and the
> blueprint for human evolvement along with the form wealth of the TSA
> being placed in the hands of very few people. These officers remain
> unmonitored, unchecked and unrestrained personages. They give no
> acknowledgment or hint of their intention. More important, they have
> never affirmed being only the 'custodians', not 'owners' of the
> Theosophical Society and it's mandate.
> TSA MANAGEMENT is known to have used nefarious, illegal, sub-Rosa
> tactics, playing to the fears of the vulnerable and pandering with tomes
> of high sounding cliche's to the ears of the uncaring in their naked
> grab to consolidate power and control. All the physical assets, the
> publishing voice and finally the soul of the Theosophical Society in
> America have been suborned. Do you see something similar at work here to
> the National Socialists ?
> Bart, I know you are a supporter of the Wheatonists and I will always
> defend to the best of my ability, your right to express your opinion. No
> matter that your position viz 'the Wheatonists' is abhorrent to me at
> the core of my being. Please Bart, do not try to ascend the high moral
> ground with talk of your "Recommendations for 
> inclusions ",   "Official contention " and the oft used, "Wheaton's
> position is " 
> Yes Bart, I respect your right to a view, I do not accept any extraneous
> spiritual authority of the ilk described above. My own discernment and
> thus the responsibility for my actions bodes me well.
> In closing, is there a religion or society higher than the truth ?
> Thinks me not.

 This post was truly beyond my verbal abilities.  All I can do now
and stand and applaud.

However, one word did intrigue me - Wheatonist.  Sounds like
some new kind of breakfast cereal.  Or some group similar
to the Shakers.

THe Wheatonists- they lived entirely on the husks of wheat and
were celibate.  Not in the sexual manner, but in the intellectual
manner.  They professed and talked and wrote in such a high
and lofty intellectual tone, no one wanted to join them.  They died
out sometime in the year 2010.

A. Safron

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