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Re: Internet and TS

Aug 20, 1997 05:21 PM
by kymsmith

A. Safron wrote:

>BTW, I will respond to any poster on this except Bart.

Although I can understand completely why you choose not to exchange with
Bart, I must say that publically excommunicating someone on theos-l makes me
jumpy.  It seems the complete opposite of what this avenue (theos-l) is here
for.  It also raises the question whether this type of event qualifies as
"group" business, or is something between individuals which should be left
alone.  Got me.  

And, oddly, the more Bart is "punished" the more I feel for him - he's
becoming the one who is persecuted and with that impression comes sympathy,
even though I know Bart dug his own hole - but don't we all?  To be ignored
hurts, and it hurts alot - which is why the silent treatment can be so

One more observation:  We can't argue for Wheaton to listen to us if we
won't listen to each other.


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