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Re: Who Ray

Aug 07, 1997 06:43 PM
by A. Safron

> From: Dr. A.M.Bain <>
> Subject: Re: Who Ray
> Date: Thursday, August 07, 1997 6:49 PM
> In message <>, "A. Safron"
> <> writes
> >People who are especially connected to the 7th Ray are lovers of ceremony.  They 
> >delight when
> >things are done properly and in order.  (As in the Co-Masons)
> >
> >Taken from "Soul-Centered Astrology" by Alan Oken
> Thanks for the long post, which I am sure will be gratefully received by
> many on the list - we don't get much serious stuff.
> Having said that, the above would have been enough to answer my
> question!
I just love that Bailey stuff so much I couldn't resist.  It was only
when I got to the last sentence that I realized IT would have been
enough.  But I sure got a kick out of it.:-)

A. Safron

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