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Re: Creed and Cult

Aug 07, 1997 06:38 PM
by A. Safron

> From: Dr. A.M.Bain <>
> Subject: Creed and Cult
> Date: Wednesday, August 06, 1997 8:36 PM
> >Any newbee visiting the URL may get the wrong impression that TS has a creed
> >or even a cult. When membership is on a downward trend, the web page may
> >indeed have a negative effect on potential members.
> But the TS *HAS* a creed and *IS* a cult :-(
A cult has to have 4 strong elements:

1. Shared belief system: Even though the higher-ups may try to promote
 a shared belief system, they can't get rid of people like Chuck the leather babe or any of
the other free thinkers, unless they decide not renew their memberships.

2. Sustains a high level of social cohesiveness:  This varies from place to place.

3. Strongly influenced by the group's behaviorial norms: NORM?  Is that a word in the
vocabulary of this group?

4. Imputes charismatic (sometimes divine) power to the group or to its leadership:
Now while the Masters may seem god-like, they rarely make an appearance at the
mall.  As to leadership, I have seen no Jim Bakkers, Ramas, David Koresh's or any
number of scintillating personalities that are probably as phony as a $7 dollar bill
at the head of TS.  Although John Algeo has a certain amount of charm, I doubt
that he will proclaim himself Head Master Guru and Divine Pontificator of the TS
any time soon.

Believe, a REAL cult is deadly.  I've been in one.

A. Safron

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