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Peace to all beings

Aug 28, 1997 07:01 AM
by Estrella

> I'm quite glad you're a peace with your world, because mine has
> been pure chaos since January.  Severe illness lasting 3 months, job dissatisfaction
> by my husband after 15 years at the same company, hundreds of dollars spent on drugs,
> expensive pet vet bills, car accident, hospital tests, the ending of a 2 year
> friendhship on bad terms, etc.  HEY!  It's good to know that some one out
> there is at peace and having a good time!  There may be hope for me yet.
> A. Safron

All pepole have problems, in a different way.
I wish you to have some peace.
Best Wishes,


P.S. That goes also to Kym.And to all.

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