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Re: THEOS-L digest 1193

Aug 16, 1997 02:17 PM
by ramadoss

At 11:26 AM 8/16/97 -0400, Kirsten wrote:
>The conversation on this list is so tacky and childish.  Slander and
>lawsuits...the last cry of the insulted.  You people aren't
>theosophists, you're bored.  I work with someone that just likes to
>instigate unrest and derisiveness and he does it because he wants to be
>a star.  He likes to be talked about and disliked why?...I don't know. 
>But I see the same thing going on here, not in private by email, but
>here where the public comes, to discuss theosophy with like-minded
>individuals, and then leaves because there are none.  bye.
This is the grand-daddy/grand-ma of all theosophical lists and is the
unmoderated one at that. 

Anyone and every one is welcome to say what they want to. No one is there to
tell anyone what is right and what is not.

Many of those here are newbees to Theosophy -- many have been around several
decades and is a mix of the best and most experienced in cyberspace.

May be it is a good idea for you to bring up any specific question, issue or
problem that you want to be discussed. If you post it, then you will find
the fast and quick response and the wealth of information that you can get here.

As I mentioned in one of the posts, I have learnt in 2 years many pieces of
information that I have not learnt in over 40 years. Stick around for a
little while and you will be convinced of the usefulness of this list. There
is no substitute in cyberspace.

BTW, this list is not supported financially by any TS organization. So it is
outside the control or influence of any TS organization. Its owner John Mead
set it up three years ago so that we have a forum when any matter relating
to Theosophy and TS can be discussion without interference from anyone
including John Mead. You won't even see him except very rarely and to deal
with some unusual problem.


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