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Bart and the Nazi's

Aug 15, 1997 06:40 PM
by Ken Malkin

Howdy to all,

I was taken with and almost taken in by Bart's 'Nazi' theme,

>Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 21:01:11 -0400
>From: Bart Lidofsky <>
>Subject: Re: Huh?
>Message-ID: <>
>A. Safron wrote:
> >       I may not have made it sufficiently clear that I was writing >>it FOR the
> > TSA, as an official publication. I am certain even you would agree >>that
>> an organization has the right to decide what does or does not go >>into
> > their official publications.
> I hate to say this, but I'm sure the official publications of Hitler and
> the Third Reich could have made the same claim.
        Are you equating the TSA with the Third Reich?
        Bart Lidofsky

Perhaps sans jack boots, brown shirts and a beard of a leader haranguing
the masses into a hysteric orgasm, there are many similarities between
the National Socialist seizure of power in Germany during the 20's and
the current TSA officialdom's expunging of the democratic process in the
past four years.

First by separation of dissension (tell the big lie long enough, loud
enough and often enough, that, it is 'Them or Us !'), then consolidate
positions of power in the hands of a few people of like intent (change
the rules for running for a National office), and finally, illegally
manipulate and intentionally trash the democratic process governing the
society. Other than the book and building pyrotechnics, do these actions
sound familiar? There are instances, some related on this list, of books
gone missing from the Wheaton library that run counter to the current
TSA MANAGEMENT official thinking.

Using the preceding venue, a small clique of the current TSA MANAGEMENT
has taken control of the TSA. Do they espouse by their past actions the
high standards of the three declared objects or of the "non dogmatic"
approach to life? I for one see it not. Nor can it be found in the newly
subscribed 'midnight' by-laws. 

What can be observed is the profound gifts of insight, clarity and the
blueprint for human evolvement along with the form wealth of the TSA
being placed in the hands of very few people. These officers remain
unmonitored, unchecked and unrestrained personages. They give no
acknowledgment or hint of their intention. More important, they have
never affirmed being only the 'custodians', not 'owners' of the
Theosophical Society and it's mandate.

TSA MANAGEMENT is known to have used nefarious, illegal, sub-Rosa
tactics, playing to the fears of the vulnerable and pandering with tomes
of high sounding cliche's to the ears of the uncaring in their naked
grab to consolidate power and control. All the physical assets, the
publishing voice and finally the soul of the Theosophical Society in
America have been suborned. Do you see something similar at work here to
the National Socialists ?

Bart, I know you are a supporter of the Wheatonists and I will always
defend to the best of my ability, your right to express your opinion. No
matter that your position viz 'the Wheatonists' is abhorrent to me at
the core of my being. Please Bart, do not try to ascend the high moral
ground with talk of your "Recommendations for 
inclusions ",   "Official contention " and the oft used, "Wheaton's
position is " 

Yes Bart, I respect your right to a view, I do not accept any extraneous
spiritual authority of the ilk described above. My own discernment and
thus the responsibility for my actions bodes me well.

In closing, is there a religion or society higher than the truth ?
Thinks me not.

As always, Peace Profound
Ken Malkin

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