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Re: Signing Off

Aug 15, 1997 06:05 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, John
Woodruff <> writes
>Will someone kindly sign me off this list, I've tried numerous times
>with no success.
>Please help, THANKS

To sign off you need to send a message to with the
single line (nothing else):

signoff theos-l

It is essential to do this from the same e-mail address that you signed
ON from.  If you cannot do this, send an e-mail to asking
him to remove your name.  If you cannot recall where you signed on from,
send a message to with the single line:

Rev theos-l

and you will get a list of subscribers with e-mail addresses.

Then you can look your original e-mail address up.

Hope this helps.


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