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Re: Astrologers Unite!

Aug 04, 1997 11:13 AM
by techndex

At 11:55 AM 8/3/97 -0400, Keith wrote:
<deletion of my original post>
>>Ah, another astrologer on the list! Welcome!
>>A. Safron
>Hugs!! {{{{{{Anne}}}}}}}} :-D
>Keith:  Astrologers UNITE, if the theosophists won't :)   Astrology has its 
>mathetics, but it is very open to interpretation as is theosophy, if the
>were told! IMHO

Well, then I gotta include you, too, in the "astrologers' hug".
{{{{Keith}}}}} ;-D 

I agree with you about astrology having a mathematical and an interpretive
component. The mathematics can be easily done on the computer. I see
astrology as a tool (among others) for elucidating some of the truths of
theosophy. A few days ago, someone posted something quite elegant here
about cycles, which astrology is based on. (I'm sorry I forgot who it was,
but whoever you were, I really liked it!) I also like to think of Logos
(whichever flavor gives you the most mileage) as Geometer and
Mathematician, and astrology is one of the expressions of this. Someone
also alluded to a logoic or divine nature of fractals here. I propose
adding astrology to The Tree of Life as having an inherently fractal nature.
>Jupiter goes direct October 9th, I found my emphemeris.  Maybe things will 
>lighten up around them.  Jupiter will inspire higher learning and 
>philisophical pursuits.  I hope I can make it :)

I'm hoping along with you, Keith. (BTW, you must be using a noon ephemeris,
since my midnight ephemeris gives Oct. 8th as the date that Jupiter goes
direct. No quibble, just technotrivia. ;-D)


Lynn Moncrief
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