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Re: Animal Souls

Aug 04, 1997 10:52 AM
by techndex

At 06:03 PM 8/2/97 -0400, Tom wrote:

>I have always liked Leadbeater's analogy of a pail of water being the
>group soul, and each animal being analogous to taking part of the
>water that is in the pail and temporarily being put into a separate
>container, so that it acquires its own unique qualities (which are
>apparent even in insects), but then, when its life is over, it goes
>back into the group soul and mixes its qualities with the group soul,
>just as the water that was in the individual container gets put back
>into the pail, mixing its qualities with that of all the other water.
>I don't know how else, but by postulating a group soul, to explain
>such events as many birds acting simultaneously.  

I agree with you all the way up to your last sentence. ;-D If you're
discussing simultaneous movements in a flying flock of birds, I've seen
explanations (some of them rather involved) boiling down to individual
birds following the movements of their neighbors--all physical-plane based.


Lynn Moncrief
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