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The "Masters"

the "Masters"

(re Geoffrey Barborka)

The 1900 Letter Inconsistencies

1900 letter; K's sex life


Re: 1996 (url correction)

Abortion Again

Re: abortion debate

Announcing the publication of K. PAUL JOHNSON'S HOUSE OF CARDS?

Apologies all round


Archives of Theosophical Literature

Art & Zen of HTML


Atlante0_Egyptians resursuface in Houston Exhibit

Barborka: "The Mahatmas and Their Letters"

Re: Bart's Sentence

Basic Questions

Re: Blavatsky's frauds, etc.

Blavatsky's frauds, the Hoax of the Mahatma Letters and the Myth of the Masters

Book info

Re: brainstorming

A Brief Vacation

Bros h'd

Re: Brotherhood & other terms

Brotherhood again

Campbell's motive

Can everything be digitized?

Cancer, Diet and Spirituality


Chaos & Dreams

Chaotic Dreams Restructure the Real

Checkout the new WWW homepage on Madame Blavatsky

Common Sense


Re: Copyright 1900 letter also

Re: Copyright 1900 letter and also

Copyright 1900 letter excerpts

Re: Copyright 1900 letter excerptsfind it from some other source.

Re: Copyright 1900 letter...


Core Spirit in Colon? - From the Crust to the Crown through the Heart

Current QUEST

Dis--Information - If I'm lieing, I'm dieing

Re: Dis--Information-Lying/Dying

Don't go ANN!

Elections and Compassion

Ellic Howe

The Enemy Within

Enough already on the Soft Power of ready to share Ware

Esoteric X-MAS made INTROteric

Evaluating Theosophical history

Even more sic

Re: the FACE OF KrishnaMurti (sic)

the FACE OF KrishnaMurti is Roadmap of the Pathless Clinton Wizardry

Re: Failing tests of Scorpio

Feeding the World

A First in Internet Publication

First Principles

Re: Foeticide and HPB

From the Agnisvattas to Barney

Full Moon in Sagittarius

FYI: Gathering info from the Krishnamurti Foundation of India (fwd)

Gender Language

Get risky!

Getting off the girls backs - Studs need liposuction too

happy thanksgiving

Hate not - but love thy enemy!

Re: Hate speech

Help the Scorpios

Re: Helping the World

Her husband made us do it


Re: Historical Info.

Hola a todos!!

Hola chicos!!

hope after all

hpb and ab

Re: HPB and Besant's approval


If your right eye offends thee, pluck it out!

In the world but not of it

Information Virus

Information Viruses

The Integrity of Krishnaji

Integrity of Krishnamurti

An Interesting Book

internet publications

Intimacy vs Kids

Is Life for Fun?

ISIS as Holy SPIRIT? - Unveiled or Get some clothes girl!


K and Rajagopals

K. and sex

Know thyself

Re: Kookie Neo-theosophy?

Koot Hoomi Unveiled

Krish and Copulation

Krishnamurti's Truth is a Pathless Land

Krotona/Wheaton - Historical Info.

Latest membership list

Liposuction, Tit lifting and Spirituality

love thine enemy

Lutyens, Algeo, etc.

Re: Madame Blavatsky's Baboon

Maestro Ascendido St. Germain


Mahatma Letter No 5

Mahatma Letter No. 6

Mahatma Letters

Mahatma Letters (Gilbert)

The Mahatmas and Their Letters: Attention---Alan Bain and other interested parties

Re: Mahatmas on Sex


Mark's Serious Question

Masters, letters, Washington

Re: Memes - Myths or Miracles?

Re: Memes and molecular machines

The Men who Fell to Earth - Paridiso Perdido Perfecto



Natural Sex

Negating conception

NeoTheosophnik Bongo Art Missive!

Neurpathology, Kundalini and Psychic Phenomenon

Re: New archive format

New archive format for Theos-L in testing

New Book on JK

News we can use

Not ~Brotherhood~ Again . . .

Not ~Brotherhood~ Again . . . Yes!

A now for something completely serious - Theosophy of Art

Occult Chemistry on Alchemy-list

Re: Offerings

On the Mahatma Letters and Handwriting experts

FW: One Day In Peace, January 1, 2000

Opportunity of 1996

The P Word

Perfect Mahamats



A perpetual one, it seems

Personality Plus

Politics and Sports make strange bedfellows!

Pope considers evolution

The Power of Gestrues - Mudras Comin at Ya

Powerful Search Software


Precipitation of letters

precipitation of letters

Problems of Humanity

The Purpose of Sex

Re: Purpose of Sex - Polarity demands reunion

The Purpose of Sex (resolved)

the Quest

Quest Bookshop O.K.

Quest Bookstore

Re Sex, Celibacy, & Chastity

Re The Purpose of Sex

Reality Check-Summary of the World

recepients theos-l

Re: Scorpio, part II


A Serious Obsession?

Re: A Serious Question

Re: A Serious question

RE: A Serious Question

Re: A Serious question

Re: A Serious Question

Re: A Serious question

Re: A Serious Question

Re: A Serious question

Re: A Serious Question

Re: A Serious question

Re: A Serious Question

Re: A Serious question

Re: A Serious Question

Re: serious question

Re: A Serious Question & Etc.

Re: A Serious Question (re Geoffrey Barborka)

re: serious questions

Servants of the MASTERS or DUPES?


Sex and other stuff

Sex in evolution

Sex vs Karma

Sex, Celibacy, & Chastity

Slam Dunks of Love - Kitty Litter



The Sodom thing

Re: Sodom thing


Some brief comments

Some brief comments on Robert Gilbert's Introduction to Arthur Lillie's Pamphlet

A story

Re: Tedious

Tedious subjects

Re: THEOS-L digest 713

Re: THEOS-L digest 718

Re: THEOS-L digest 723

Re: THEOS-L digest 729

Re: THEOS-L digest 733

Re: THEOS-L digest 736

Re: THEOS-L digest 738

Re: THEOS-L digest 739

Re: THEOS-L digest 740

Re: THEOS-L digest 741


Theosophy and Cabalah - Allah Cabal

Theosophy Homepages

Re: Theosophy of Art

Theosophy, children and spriteuality - To Barney Fife cum Laude

THEOS-ROOTS digest 236

Re: THEOS-SPAN digest 37

Re: THEOS-SPAN digest 38

Re: THEOS-SPAN digest 41

Theos-xxx lists & vnet email collisions

to Bart re NYTS

Re: To Jack

Re: to Keith

to Kym re: digest 718

to Mika Perala, re: a serious question

to: Art House, Re: Elections & Compassion

Total commitment

Tragic BEAUTY - Sympathy for the devil and OJ - Soul Symphony

Re: Trials of Scorpio leads to the court of Sag - ask OJ!

Re: Truth

Truth is a Pathless Land - J K's Famous Statement

Truth is a Pathless Land - JK's Statement

TS Annual Fund Solicitation

typo error


US Elections and theosophy

The Utility of Theosophy

Re: Utility of Theosophy

Value of ideas vs personalities

Walk On!

Walking, too!

Web sites



Welcome back!



What is worthwhile?

Where is theo-l digest 727

Re: why not meet the masters?

why not meet the masters? try it and see!

A World Wide Web copy of K. PAUL JOHNSON'S HOUSE OF CARDS?: A Critical Examination of Johnson's Thesis on the Theosophical Masters Morya and Koot Hoomi.

X-mas stuff!

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