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Re: Hate speech

Nov 16, 1996 08:09 PM
by Maxim Osinovsky

On Sat, 16 Nov 1996 wrote:

> Hate speech??  The man IS meaner than he looks!  I was told by two people
> from the Northwest Lodge that John Algeo has one of the most trusting and
> kind faces, one that makes you want to trust, and then spill your guts -
> then regretting you ever did it. I didn't really understand what they meant
> until I really looked at his picture for the first time.  I would trust the
> man, too, he does have a kind face.  Actually I trusted him before I ever
> saw him, I voted for him.
> I'm sorry if you thought it was hate speech, it is apparent I was sorely
> lacking in clarity and qualifiers, for I believe it is always the writer and
> not the readers' fault, should misunderstandings occur.  I shall try to be
> more diligent next time.


I have perceived it as a hate speech in context of previous discussions
about theosophical leaders, their character, and so on, that was
generally marked by a lack of civility--calling names etc.
(e.g. someone several months ago--perhaps before you joined this list--said
Joy Mills was "a b****", and methodically proceeded to provide abundant
evidence supporting his view).

If you got damaging news about John Algeo, and you believe it's true,
it's OK with me. However, I am still not satisfied by what you wrote
above as you shared with the list participants something they cannot
verify--at least I cannot. I am wondering what *I* is going to do with
it, and why at all I need to read it. So I still feel uneasy about it.

If I were Ms. Manners, I would offer this advice: Always hate not a
(wo)man but her/his sins. This means one may fight with others over ideas
or actions, but will always keep one's heart open to them. How else can
the brotherhood be established?


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