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Re: Hate speech

Nov 16, 1996 06:16 PM
by M K Ramadoss wrote:
> >> There is nothing more disgusting than a Theosophist trying to tell someone
> >> off in a Theosophical way.
> >>
> >> There was also a picture of John Algeo.
> >>
> >> That cleared up a lot of things. . .
> Max responded:
> >If this is not hate speech, what it is?
> Hate speech??  The man IS meaner than he looks!  I was told by two people
> from the Northwest Lodge that John Algeo has one of the most trusting and
> kind faces, one that makes you want to trust, and then spill your guts -
> then regretting you ever did it. I didn't really understand what they meant
> until I really looked at his picture for the first time.  I would trust the
> man, too, he does have a kind face.  Actually I trusted him before I ever
> saw him, I voted for him.
> If you consider this hate speech because I am seemingly "backbiting" - you
> can rest assured.  I've let Mr. Algeo know how I feel via mail, and I also
> told him that I aired my complaints on theos-l.
> The above criticism wasn't hate speech.  I don't hate John Algeo.  I hold
> any president to much higher standards than the average individual.  I don't
> feel he has lived up to them.  He doesn't have to be the "attack dog" for
> the Theosophical Society.  Using his special power as president of the
> Theosophical Society to discredit a writer is not right.  He should stay
> above the fray.  Leave the "fraying" to the "underlings." It just plain
> looks bad.  My personal opinion.
> I'm sorry if you thought it was hate speech, it is apparent I was sorely
> lacking in clarity and qualifiers, for I believe it is always the writer and
> not the readers' fault, should misunderstandings occur.  I shall try to be
> more diligent next time.
> Kym


My 2 cents worth!! (2cent do not buy much these days!!!)

Somewhere, HPB made a very interesting statement on Hate.

Fear and hatred are essentially one and the same. He/she who fears
nothing will never hate, and he/she who hates nothing wll never fear.

IMHO, No one can judge any one else just by how they look. It is what
they do that is important. I deal with a lot of people every day and am
involved in a lot of very critical decisions where the only linkage
between me and them are (1) trust and (2) my technical expertise and (3)
my experience, in that order.

Based on this, I have found that (1) trust is something that is *earned*
and implicit in it is the openness of communication and is not something
that one gets just because of any (worldly) accomplishments, however
high or important that may be. It takes a lot of time. Secondly, I find
that the greatness and meanness of individuals show up in little things
- i.e. their true personality rears its (ugly/beautiful) head even
though we all try to put a mask around it. And over a period of time,
these *little* things snow ball and go either way - you learn to see the
greatness and meanness of people whom you deal with.


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