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Nov 22, 1996 05:46 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Einar
Adalsteinsson & ASB <> writes
>Having had KM's writings on my night table for about 20 years, and =
>learnt a lot from it, I don't think KM had any specific standards on sex =
>at all. I remember that some spiritual seekers (a pair I think) asked =
>his advice in a problem they had about sexuality vs. spirituality. The =
>answer was, if I remember rightly: "Have sex, or don't have sex, it does =
>not matter either way, BUT don't make a problem out of it."

A bit simplistic, perhaps, as it is not only the act, but the context in
which it takes place which can be important, but in general terms, I
think K is right on the mark with this reply.  It is certainly the
answer I have given to those who have sought my advice re celibacy over
the years.  In general, and for most people, it seems probable that
celibacy is unhealthy.  If there's a problem, then often D.I.Y. is the
short term solution .....

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