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Re: Lutyens, Algeo, etc.

Nov 22, 1996 05:21 AM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Fri, 22 Nov 1996, Bart Lidofsky wrote:

> wrote:
> >
> > I must confess to being puzzled by this whole brohaha.  Sex is fun.  Why
> > should Krishnamurti or his followers feel a need to justify him enjoying his
> > life?
> 	The problem was not his having sex; it was his having sex with a woman
> who was married to someone else. In any case, as I stated in my first
> mention, all it proves is that he was a human being.
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> 	Bart Lidofsky
Bart: K, I dont think claimed that he is a anything but a human being,
just like all of us. It is some of those who have read his works and had
attended his lectures who may have made him the super human and may have
had difficulty in dealing with the Rosalind affair when it came out in
print for the first time when Sloss published her book.

Again what went on between him and Rosalind when viewed from the
normally accepted norms of the society, may not be acceptable to many.

MK Ramadoss

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