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Re: The "Masters"

Nov 04, 1996 05:52 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: Michael <>
> Dear Mark,
> My impression is that participants in this discussion-group have at least
> the common sense to admit that we are dealing with a Theosophical myth -
> that of the Masters.

I almost fell off my chair when I read this.  Since when did "common
sense" become a characteristic of this list?  We're WAY BEYOND common
sense here.

> We have no
> proof that the "Masters" were not fragments of HPB's personality, or if
> were entities, who tells us that they did not present themselves
> to popular demand as Masters?

Personally, I find the whole issue of who the Masters are, if they are and
they are, to be a tedious discussion.  It belongs in the category of
proving if
UFOs exist.  If one does pick you up for ride, no one is going to believe
you anyway, because there is no "proof".  No alien ashtrays or galactic
receipts that one can lift from their saucer.  Same with a Master, or
you choose to call them.  Are they passing out souvenir teacups when you
drop by for teatime in the Himalayas?

As Carl Sagan says about UFOs, "There is no smoking gun!"

> I hail HPB's Theosophy as a religious belief-system for the masses.

It's my impression that those masses have found other places to go,
considering the membership count at TSA.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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